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Happy #InternationalWomensDay!

Happy #InternationalWomensDay! Today we’re celebrating the vibrant and unique women of Distillery with this cool GIF - of our ladies, by our ladies. 💪🙋‍♀️

Here’s 5 simple wins to recognise the women in your workplace today:
1. Have a meeting to highlight some of their work so far in 2019, like presentations they’ve smashed, awards they’ve won, or great creative work they’ve made.
2. Send an office newsletter to raise awareness of the day and share an article or two on women’s issues.
3. Support the emerging talent in your team and the wider industry. It can be as simple as a retweet or a shoutout, and you can do as many as you like!
4. Have a whip-round to donate as a team to a women’s cause or your local women’s refuge.
5. Screen an empowering @ted talk by a woman

steve wheen