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Travelling on trash


Keep Cups. Paper straws. Recycled plastics in fashion. Something that is very topical, and very close to our hearts at the moment is plastic pollution. Travelling on Trash is our first short form documentary and one of the first original productions from Real Stories, because it’s an adventure woven around how plastics are affecting our rivers on a huge scale. 

Our film follows the journey of six young environmentalists who build a boat from recycled materials and single use plastic bottles to journey the whole length of the Mississippi river from Minneapolis to the Gulf of Mexico to highlight one time plastic use.

The Mississippi is not only the second longest river in the world and the largest in the US, it is also one of the most polluted. Over the 56 days they friends are battered by extreme weather, a bug infestation, boat breakages and meet the river’s inhabitants along the way.  

We were over the moon to win a gold at the Spotlight Documentary Film Festival for the film.

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