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Google Garage


While Google is best known as a search engine, they want to be a Growth Engine for small businesses across Europe.  Around the UK, there are several physical Digital Garage pop ups to help small business owners, entrepreneurs, students and curious individuals to learn digital skills for growth.

Some of us use the computer and technologies everyday and might take for granted that entering the digital space to get the best advertisement for your business, may seem a bit intimidating.  However, after visiting the Garage and meeting with mentors to set goals and work through opportunities, the visitors were no longer intimidated and saw their businesses flourish.

We travelled to Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow and London to meet these these individuals and be inspired like we were to keep on learning about the evolving space.  If you are interested to learn more about these skills, feel free to visit

These videos are a part of a series being promoted on Google’s own Digital Garage and Growth Engine YouTube channels along with their Growth Engine website.

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