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Telling a story about how technology makes our work life easier can be tricky. In order to relay how Google Apps for Work makes a difference at the RSPCA, The Distillery London focused on bringing the emotional elements of animal welfare to life. The project commenced with deep research talking to the staff members of the RSPCA on how the technology has changed their work life to enable them to focus on the animals. Our producers visited the shelters and even met some of the families that have taken in abused dogs.

The result: an emotional, impact focused story about the RSPCA and the work they do for animal welfare told around Goldie’s story. Goldie (now Mabel in her new home) is the adorable pup featured in the video and the first to benefit from the speed the new technology gave to the RSPCA to get her rehomed. By focusing on the emotional human element, the technological advantages shine through to support the story, the RSPCA, and ultimately, Goldie.