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DEC Nepal 3 months on

The Distillery London has shot far and wide - from Rwanda to Tanzania to India and across the continent. Recently, we traveled to Nepal for a challenging few weeks.

On April 25th a devastating earthquake hit Nepal, followed by another on May 12th. The Disasters Emergency Committee immediately launched an appeal and the team here at The Distillery were quickly embedded at DEC HQ to cover the appeal via social video and online content. Three months on from the disaster, an important milestone for the aid and recovery after a disaster like the earthquake, we flew to Nepal with DEC CEO Saleh Saeed to film with some of their thirteen member agencies.

DEC wanted us to capture the incredible aid effort that had been implemented and clearly demonstrate how the millions of pounds raised in the UK have been utilised so far. For the DEC, accountability of their funds and tangible proof of their work, is an important part of their ethos and equally it was an important chance for Saleh to meet first hand the people affected and subsequently benefitting from the appeal.

We worked closely with DEC to ensure the content of the films was shaped with both practicality and sensitivity in mind. 

Filming overseas is a hugely challenging logistical and technical operation for any production, and something The Distillery has extensive experience doing, but doing it in a country that is partly a disaster zone, in remote areas with little or no modern facilities meant we had to plan precisely but also allow room to be reactive and flexible.