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DEC Appeal

On April 25th a devastating earthquake hit Nepal, followed by another on May 12th. The Disasters Emergency Committee immediately launched an appeal and the team here at The Distillery were quickly embedded at DEC HQ to cover the appeal via social video and online content.

Over the duration of three weeks, The Distillery London built a ‘war room’ within the DEC to produce (in real time) 166 strategic social assets to be distributed across social and email platforms. Early learnings showed that there is, in fact, a young, engaged audience looking to participate in DEC Appeals.

In total, the videos reached 636,308 people, through 62,725 shares, likes, and comments. The DEC’s social channel followers increased by 252%, with the greatest performance on Daniel Craig’s Appeal video, followed by Bear Grylls’ Appeal video.

One of Bear Grylls' strongest memories of climbing Everest at 23 years old? The kindness, generosity and friendliness of the people of Nepal. Here is his personal appeal on behalf of survivors of the Nepal earthquake.

Posted by Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) on Monday, 18 May 2015

The Daniel Craig Appeal video is the most viewed video the DEC have ever posted online with 48% of the total YouTube channel views coming from this video alone.

Videos hosted on Facebook garnered 581,012 total video views compared to an average benchmark of 5,063 for the same period.

We also created a ‘engage your supporters, to support us support the Nepalese’ spirit among the online community. First, by offering influential vloggers (video bloggers, primarily on YouTube) an opportunity to create their own video appeals in support of Nepal either at the DEC or at YouTube’s London studio.

Some amazing people have been making Mandalas in solidarity with the people of Nepal!

Posted by Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) on Thursday, 28 May 2015

Second, The Distillery London created a social movement with the hashtag #Shaken, encouraging influencers, celebrities and everyday people to create their own mandala for Nepal and share it to show their support. The outpour of support ranged from artists, influencers, creative agencies like Forever Beta to mega brands like Coca Cola.

The Distillery London also experimented with a 45 minute interactive livestream, using YouTube and Periscope, a Twitter based live streaming app. The intent was to increase understanding and accountability of the DEC’s aid efforts with the hashtag #AskDEC. The content placed five experts on a panel, answering prepared and real time questions regarding the help getting to Nepal and basically, how the DEC works.