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DEC Don't delay, Donate

When the Disasters Emergency Committee looked to launch their 2 week period of joint action with their 13 member agencies, The Distillery London stepped in as content partners. Under their integrated campaign, Don't Delay, Donate, we developed and implemented a two week multi platform online video content strategy to help raise funds, and awareness of the East Africa Crisis Appeal.

 We flexed our full social video muscle for the campaign; from managing crews in South Sudan and Somalia, building a pop up studio inside the DEC's London offices for daily Facebook live streams and managing outreach with creators and influencers to creating member agency specific content, managing paid spend on YouTube and further developing creative and strategy for the overarching campaign.

Following are a few of the assets we produced during the campaign, working in collaboration with other DEC partners.

We were incredibly proud that our work contributed towards raising over £50 million for the DEC and it's member agencies so they can get to work and use their incredible expertise to help the millions in East Africa who need it right now.