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YouTube, the world’s second largest search engine. As a YouTube certified agency, we’re passionate about helping brands use YouTube to it’s full potential and build thriving communities around their content.

It slightly breaks our heart when YouTube is used as a dumping ground for an organisations content…

We were commissioned by the Cass Business School Marketing team (part of City, University of London) to optimize and transform their YouTube channel into a thriving, search friendly content hub.

First of all we began by giving their content a consistent look, beginning with a thumbnail makeover.


We then dived under the bonnet of their YouTube channel to provide us with a greater understanding of the current channel and how it has been performing.  We did this by analysing their top performing videos; their top external traffic sources; the search terms individuals used to find their content on YouTube; their average watchtime and audience retention; what the audience is watching the content on and who their audience is.  This gave us a thorough overview of the channel and allowed us to see which areas needed most attention.

Following this initial analysis, our strategy focused on building new content streams which included: designing and building thumbnails in line with brand guidelines; adding cards; creating info buttons; creating trackable links and search friendly titling and tags, whilst also applying knowledge from data we have uncovered from their channel.


The results from our activity have seen an uplift in search, subscribers and views.

Our bespoke reporting tool built for the CASS teams ensures they are able to monitor key metrics to continually optimise their channel and content.

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