The vso and International Citizen Service (ICS) wanted a film to ignite interest and inspire 18-25 year olds to get involved in their volunteer placements. 

The whole premise of the VSO's work is all about changing lives, so we proposed an idea that gave their young viewers the chance to really experience that change themselves. We made a full 360 experience that followed the experience of one volunteer and took the audience to the base of Mount Kilimanjaro and right into the heart of the tiny village Loitokitok  in Kenya. 

However, to really show the contrast between the home life of our volunteer and his Kenyan adventure we utilised the 360 format to create a 180x180 experience. Literally splitting the world in two we showed a direct opposite of visuals. Looking one way you were on a dusty street in an African village with the villagers whilst and if you turned around you were with your friends on a park bench in Newcastle.  

We're incredibly excited that our film has one 2 Lovie awards! It's quite an achievement as the other finalists in our category included IKEA and Samsung.

Our VR film is best viewed with a VR headset, however you can view it below on YouTube, using your mouse to control where you look.

You can see more of our work here.