You might have seen this film circulating the internet, and for good reason.

We were lucky enough to meet Em at YouTube Space London recently, and now she’s started a huge social discussion on the topic of beauty standards online and in real-life.

We get loads of comments on the content we produce here at The Distillery, and we love reading (and responding to) all of them as it’s such a good way to really bring a community and a discussion to life.

We love that Em has built this piece of content around the comments she received. Bringing the audience right into the content creation has pushed them straight into the centre of the discussion.

Another great example of building content around community discussion is the Cyber Grand Prix winner at Cannes Lions 2015: The Droga5 campaign for Under Armour.

Comments can be an extremely powerful way to connect with your audience. You just have to be listening.

Channel of the week: Chicken And Clips

We love Youtube (obviously). And each week we're going to start featuring our favourite branded Youtube channels.

To kick things off, we want to talk about Nando's. We recently stumbled across their channel and while obviously it's still in its infancy, there's more than enough Peri Peri to go round.  There's plenty of talent on the channel, including Keith Lemon and Rizzle Kicks.

The channel looks and feels very Nando's - it's oozing personality and most importantly the content on there looks likes it was made for YouTube and it is not just reversioned TV commercials... 

Here are some of the tastiest bits.

Have you seen a YouTube channel you think we should feature? Let us know by leaving a comment below.