An eggscellent Distillery Easter!

Happy Easter! And what’s even better is that this holiday gives us the guilt free excuse to eat our body weight in chocolate - ideal! To be honest, it sounds like the average day at the sweet-toothed Distillery office (let’s pretend summer isn’t just around the corner, but with this constant snow maybe we won’t even have to worry about our summer bods this year…)!

We wanted to take the opportunity to wish you an eggscellent Easter break and to invite you take up our very own Distillery Easter origami challenge!


It turns out we aren’t as eggsactly great at creating origami as we are at social video, but for some sweet Easter goodness, like the bunnies above, check out the hashtag #DistillingEaster! Keep an eye on our Instagram Stories for some fun how-to videos where you can hatch your very own Easter bunny, butterfly and egg holder! It’s the perfect challenge for the 4 day weekend! We would love to see your masterpieces, so please do share them and don’t forget to tag us and use the hashtag!

If you fancy making some fun how-to videos or social content for your own brand please drop us line here.

Finally, here are 3 handy tips to bear in mind when creating social for your brands and clients:


  2. Be clear on WHY you are making the content and what its PURPOSE serves

  3. MAXIMISE your content - when we produce content we aren’t just thinking about the hero edit, we are thinking about the GIFs and the cut downs etc. we can make for you, to really extend the reach

Have a hopping eggscellent Easter all!