Get regular with your hub content

Following our recent blog on Hygiene (or help) content, we thought we'd talk about the role of hub content in your content strategy, and share 3 great examples.

Hub content is your regular content. It's the episodic style content that is as regular as clockwork, that is often based around specific topics your audience is interested in. We often find that it's your hub content that helps build subscribers on YouTube. It's the regular face or format on your channel that people get used to seeing over and over again.

Your audience often finds your hygiene content through search, or through a big hero moment (more on that in our next post), getting drawn into your ecosystem of content to look at your hub content and to see what you're all about.

Here are three great examples of brands using hub content.

1. KFC using influencer talent with their 99Gigs series

2. Google using Googlers to give regular G-Suite updates and tips 

3. The Disasters Emergency Committee giving regular appeal updates with Nicola Peckett, Director of Communications.

Want to talk more about your hub content? Let's grab a coffee (and maybe a camera).