Hero moments in your content calendar

Over the past few weeks we’ve been sharing thoughts and examples on the Hero, Hub Hygiene content model. Before you read this post, make sure you check out our previous posts here and here to give you some background.

Hero content are based around the hero moments in your content calender. These are the big moments that typically happy around key events or milestones.

Typically your hero content will have some paid behind it, or you’ll collaborate with an influencer. 

Generally we create more super-search friendly hygiene content that answers your audiences searches, we create episodic hub content that brings a face and regularity to your content, and then we create a few pieces of hero content through the year around key moments..

Here are a few examples of hero content to think about.

1. Livestreams make for great hero moments - and livestreaming from Space, well it kind of writes itself, doesn't it!

2. So this Van Damme Split was epic for so many reasons...

3. This collaboration between Eric Lanlard and Cadbury that we helped bring to life, engaging a super passionate baking community around Easter. Part of a much wider content ecosystem, the activity had millions of views, and helped build love for Creme Eggs at Easter utilising influencer talent.

Want to talk more about hero content over some Creme Eggs? Get in touch...