3 Lovie winners that we ‘lovie’

We recently received the news that our 360 VR film with VSO won Gold and the People’s vote at this years Lovie awards, and as you can imagine, we’re thrilled! You can read more about the film here.

However, we couldn’t resist taking a peek at some of the other winners, and believe us, there’s some crackers.

So, here are three Lovie winners that we absolutely ‘Lovie’.

1. Cheap Flights - Gold Winner for ‘Banner ads & Rich media’

We love the clever and creative use of an ad space that is quite often neglected and used in a far less interesting way. A banner ad you actually want to engage with. You don’t see that everyday!

2. BBC - Planet Earth 2 - Gold Winner for ‘Best overall social presence’

The BBC/Planet Earth really made the most out of their astonishing footage when it came optimising it for their social channels. By picking key moments from the show they managed to create viral phenomenons, such as the ‘Iguana vs Snakes’ sequence. It’s a great sequence in itself, but after encouraging parodies and homages it managed to gain over 400 millions views and has become one of the most viewed natural history pieces ever. We just love the way they maximised the content they had, using cutdowns so effectively.

3. TV2 - All that we share - Gold Winner for ‘Best use of Video’

Emotional, timely, unifying, impactful and well executed, not much more we can say here but it’s definitely a piece of work we wish we’d made.

Congratulations to all the winners and we hope to meet you at the awards ceremony in November!