Some Australian Inspiration for Australia Day...

To celebrate Australia Day, we put together some great inspirational projects that have come from down under.

In no particular order:

1)  From Western Sydney University, this video tells the very moving story of Deng Adut, one of it's graduates. We love this film as it tells such a powerful story in a really authentic way and looking at the comments it has really connected and engaged with the audience.


2)  Who would have thought that the humble cash machine could become such a hit? We wish they'd bring some GAYTM's to London this summer...


3)  You've no doubt seen Dumb Ways to Die. Released around 3 years ago, this incredible series is for rail safety. We can imagine the brief...this campaign is bold, daring and is everything we love.


Let us know if you've seen any great examples of content from down under in the comments below. Have a great Australia Day!