Life at The Distillery

As we’re currently searching for a new member of the team, we thought we’d ask our Resident YouTube-ologist Leena to write a few words about The Distillery...

My name is Leena and I’m the resident YouTube-ologist at The Distillery. Coolest title ever, right? At The Distillery we all get to come up with our own job titles… some of the others that come to mind are ‘Head of Musings’, ‘Master Distiller’ and ‘Distilling Assistant’. Totally awesome.

Our team has been growing fast and it’s been really exciting - I wonder who will be next to join The Distillers… In my (almost) 3 months at The Distillery, I’ve become YouTube Certified, with more training on the way, I curate content for our Social Media channels and lots of other fun things.

No two days are the same! One day I'm at YouTube HQ meeting YouTubers to collaborate with, the next I'm on a shoot in Richmond park watching drones fly around, the next I'm extracting key analytics on our YouTube channels.

My favourite project has to be our #Shaken project for the Disasters Emergency Committee Nepal Earthquake Appeal. It was amazing to see the support and creativity from all these lovely people come together.

I’m also working on a passion project of mine (Taekwondo videos!) with the help of The Distillery, which is really exciting and has been a great learning experience for me.

In the future I’m hoping to learn even more about Content Strategy and get my teeth into managing channels with The Distillery. I love working in Covent Garden too, there’s such a nice atmosphere here - and the free beer on Thursdays and Fridays at work doesn’t hurt either!