One Moment please

On Tuesday 15th December Twitter unveiled a new feature - Moments. A brand new tab on your homepage which delivers up-to-the-minute curated content direct to your timeline. Read more about them on Twitter’s blog.

Naturally we were ecstatic when we had the chance to join in the fun with none other than Eric Lanlard, here are five things we learnt while we had a Twitter Moment.

1. Be Seasonal

As it is the festive season, we wanted to share a special recipe with a twist… Tweet-sized Mince Pies! It’s always best to take into consideration the time of year, the cultural climate and any other current issues when creating content. You never want to be thinking in a vacuum, content lives on the internet which is always buzzing with news and opinion that link to each other so make sure your content has a place in the internet ecosystem.

2. Be Diverse

Each tweet we published was a another step in the recipe, but we didn’t limit ourselves to one type of media. Moments look better when there is a range of different types: pictures, videos, gifs and text - they do say variety is the spice of life! Moments was designed to be viewed on mobile so we kept this at the forefront of our mind when creating the content - everything was orientated in portrait (even the video!).

3. Be Interactive

One thing we were really keen to do was make Eric’s moment feel like a live event, where viewers can have a tangible effect on the outcome of the event. What better way to involve everyone in the action than using Twitter’s Poll feature? This allowed our viewers to choose what Eric would enjoy his mince pies with.. and we were able to collate results real-time and release the relevant media - an interactive experience. 

4. Be Engaging

In all of the excitement of new features here and there, it’s to forget that on the other side of the twitter handle is a real person. So make an effort to converse with your followers - especially if they are asking questions ! During our Twitter moment we made sure to reply to everyone that was engaging with our content, smiles all round!

5. Be Platform Agnostic

At Distillery London HQ, we’re all about the multi-platform approach. It just makes sense… You don’t use just one social network in isolation, so why should your brand? The people that follow Eric on Facebook aren’t necessarily the people that follow Eric on Instagram or Twitter, so why not invite them join in on another platform. We did this by posting a video directing viewers to the twitter moment right at the start.

Something exciting is happening on twitter today... I'll be sharing my festive mince pie recipe !! All the fun will start at 3PM GMT ! Here is the link:

Posted by CAKE-BOY on Monday, 21 December 2015

So there we have it! We had loads of fun using Twitter moments and are already itching to use the feature in new and exciting ways… You can check out the full moment from Eric below: