Annotation on YouTube are a powerful way of adding interactivity to your videos and increasing engagement with your audience.  

If you've linked your YouTube channel to an associated website you can add clickable links through to that site as well as adding links to other Youtube channels, timecodes in your videos - the options are endless.

Annotations are a great way of building your channel as more of an ecosystem for your audience to explore, with the result being you are getting more views on more of your videos.

Here are a few interesting uses of annotations that we've come across.

1. Drop The Weapons - this is a great choose your own adventure style film.

2. ABBA Interactive Timeline

3. Interactive Piano - ever wanted to play the piano-guitar? Well now you can...(we love the facial expressions...)

4. Moones - Better Energy... 

5. Interactive Card Trick

Have you seen any great examples of annotations? Let us know in the comments below.